Token Locker

Show the transparency and gain the community's trust
After minting, a new token can be locked with this feature. Token locking and token vesting ensure that investors will not face a massive drop in price from the project’s team sell-off. For the fundraiser, they can gain investors’ trust by the transparency of the token locker and token vesting code which are built by Wicca. It is easy to gain the community's trust without any single line of code.

Lock Token

  1. 1.
    Connect your terra station wallet with our app then click on the services tab and select Vesting​
2. Select the token that you want to lock.
3. Set your first locker here! Insert locker name, select vesting type (cliff type or linear type), token locked amount, lock date, and receiver address
4. Moreover, you can add more lockers to lock the tokens.
5. Click next and confirm to lock your token!
Once you have confirmed, these token will be locked instantly and not be withdrawn until unlock date!!

Vesting Type

  • Cliff type: The tokens are distributed all amount at specific date. For example, 50,000 tokens are scheduled unlock at 12th July 2022 for a marketing team. The marketing team can claim all 50,000 tokens whenever after 12th July 2022.
  • Linear type : The distribution of tokens in equal parts over a specific period of time. For example, 120,000 tokens will be linearly vested for a developer team within a year (15th June 2022 - 15th June 2023). The token will begin to distribute on 15th June 2022 and be released every block. The team can claim tokens any time after tokens are unlocked (15th June 2022). The developer team will receive 10,000 tokens every month for consecutive 12 months.