Launch your tokens in a few clicks and have tradable market since day one
To connect fundraisers and investors, Wicca launchpad is here! Wicca is a permissionless launchpad that allows anyone launching a new token to raise funds for further development. In order to create a tradable market for the investors, Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) offers liquidity from the raised currency (ex. LUNA) as counter liquidity to buy and sell the token. The fundraisers select these things to pre-sale their tokens.

Launch Token

  1. 1.
    Connect your terra station wallet with our app then click on the services tab and select launchpad​
2. Select the token that you want to launch, a decentralized exchange (DEX) where you initiate liquidity, and a token that investors need to participate with (ex. LUNA)
3. Then, select pre-sale duration (start date and end date) to set how long the presale duration.
4. Insert the token amount that you want to presale, the minimum raised fund amount, and the maximum raised fund amount.
the minimum raised fund amount = If raised fund amount is lower than this number, it will be refunded
the maximum raised fund amount = If raised fund amount reaches this number, this round will be ended instantly
5. Set the listing percentage rate then select the percentage of the fund that you want to lock as initial liquidity on the DEX. Select the lock liquidity duration; it will start locking after your presale have been succeeded.
A listing price is a discount percentage of the presale price so investors who buy token when listed on DEXs will get the price higher than presale price.
6. Click Next and check the summary of token allocation!

💰 Raise fund success !

If the raise fund amount reach the maximum amount or greater than minimum amount at the end date, the fundraisers can claim raise fund token and start providing their liquidity on the DEX.

🍃 Raise fund fail !

When the end date arrives, the project raise fund amount cannot reach the minimum amount. The fundraisers can claim their tokens being put on presale.