What is Wicca Protocol?
Wicca Protocol is a Permissionless Decentralized Launchpad platform built on Terra 2.0 allowing anyone to launch the project and issue their token without code experience. Why Permissionless Launchpad?
A lot of ideas are floating in the air but few of them can be delivered because of non-coding experience and the barrier of fundraising. Terra 2.0 is a phoenix that was reborn from the ashes. There are many projects that want to build at Terra 2.0 and the investors readily investing in the project. To make it simple and accessible, non-coding builders can raise funds in a few steps without permission. Why Terra 2.0 ?
Terra 2.0 is powered by a passionate community and a deep pool of developer talent, we believe that the Terra 2.0 community is one of the most strong and tight community.